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Miku stan first! Person second!

Vivienne Westwood obsessed, depressed and on the Internet way too much! I started this website to ecsape from social media and get familiar with coding!Im not quite sure where this will all go but its gonna be a journey so yeah! Thanks for visiting!

Literally feel like a master coder doing this website lol #WomenInStem



May,27th: getting better at coding! added some bars on the side, hope to add a music player today!

May,28th: Feeling really sad as of late, but I tried to make a button today! Allso trying to fix the view counter!

May,29th: added the music player,hoping to add some buttonz, having trouble with the guestbook its really annoying!Small update but the guestbook literally looks so good omg. I spent all night on it. OKAY so I got the cursor to somewhat work omg.

May 30th:Literally so tired today my life has just been so much, I cant really handle everthing rn, but!!! My friends visited me at work today and I was so very happy. It really made my day! Todays goals (with the website) are to create a custom button!

May,31st: The counter is broken so Ill try to fix it sometime soon! Im gonna focus on the blog today as in just making a link to it! mini update: omg I stayed up til 2AM just working on trying to adjust the blog so im one fro the night lol.

June 3rd! So I got a couple followers on my website which is honestly so exciting lol. ALSO I feel like just laying out my pages first then adding info suits my style best so far!

June 22nd! Omg its like this website is dead lol, Ive been busy stressing out about my relationship to start on theis website again. I might make a blog post idk.

July 1st!: Just gonna make a new blog post today! Ive been kinda stalling on the website because Ive been feeling a little down!

August 10th!:Ugh Ive been feeling in the dumps like awfully! Even to the point of sometimes forgetting about this website! No server updates today unfournately.

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